Get the Namic Glide right meow!

Action matters, a lot!
So much so we spent 4 years on getting the action right.
The Namic Glide was designed to glide wide especially compared to it’s smaller size. ( reel, long pause, reel, long pause)
A steady retrieve gets you a great natural less wide glide action.
The chopping action retrieve gets you a very erratic action that I have pulled fish out of 20 plus feet and got bite. (Fast reel, short pause, fast reel, short pause)
The Namic Glide is so damn fun to fish I have a hard time putting it down. Just know this has been a passion project of mine and there’s been 1000’s of hours put into this bait. I will continue to make it even better. But as it fishes now the action is on point. It consistently produces results and I truly believe this will make your fishing experience better than ever.